Leap supports music to download and playback, and magnet file links. We found it to be very simple and easy to use as well during testing, benefitting from a clean yet visually appealing interface with plenty of options. Meanwhile, impressive performance levels help to make for an enjoyable experience. On the other hand, a torrent client makes faster download speeds and shorter download times possible.

  • Additionally, you could read user comments and check the number of seeders.
  • Right-click on the torrent and select “Bandwidth Allocation”.
  • They will also give you a general review of the quality.
  • Luckily, there’s a good browser that still allows users to download torrents natively.

Spending time on this kind of board and making friends with other users could eventually get you an invitation. However, you will need to be an active member of the community and build trust over time, rather than simply turn up and start demanding an invitation. Concealing your IP address also has security benefits. When torrenting via peer-to-peer, you are potentially advertising your home’s IP address to everybody else who is connected to the peer. If someone on that peer is a hacker, they could probe your IP address for open ports or for IoT devices to add to a botnet. Using a VPN ensures that fellow torrenters on the peer can’t single you out.

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So, the easy way is to enable your firewall and open your antivirus software when torrenting. Not only will this prevent you from inviting in viruses, but it will also prevent you from uploading suspicious files and attacking other people’s PCs. Most torrenters use public trackers to find and download files through BitTorrent. So in that sense, yes, you can download a torrent from a public place provided you have a torrent client installed on your device. Not only do laws tend to be more lenient toward streaming content, but it’s also more difficult for copyright trolls and law enforcement to catch users in the act. When you download a torrent, you can see the IP addresses of everyone else you’re uploading to or downloading from.

Lightweight and powerful ー The best torrent downloaders are simple apps and can be easily downloaded and installed. They don’t use a lot of your system’s resources either, which means you can run them smoothly in the background without diminishing your device’s performance. When you’re ‘torrenting’ a file, it pretty much means that you are transferring a file over the BitTorrent network which uses Peer-to-Peer file sharing.


It is designed to prioritize simplicity, and its basic UI exemplifies this. There are advertisements, but they are minimal and do not hinder one’s user experience. You can get rid of those advertisements anyway by switching to its paid version – Vuze Plus. Despite offering a fantastic downloading experience, the safety of uTorrent is always questionable.

Setting the preference to 1 download the torrents one at a time thereby increasing uTorrent download speed. Is a BitTorrent client that runs on a computer and does not have the complete torrent file and is in the process of downloading it. Peers can also share torrents but only the once that they have downloaded completely. Thankfully there are ways that will help you increase uTorrent download speed. Walkthrough the article to know how to make uTorrent download faster. Some torrents are fast, and some are slow—the uTorrent speed of downloading changes and sometimes swings.

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It comes with a beautiful interface and a wide range of customizable options so that you can make the most of your torrenting experience. It even allows extensions and plug-ins to be installed too. Just note that you’ll need to use uTorrent Web for Mac Catalina because it’s not compatible with uTorrent Classic. Torrent clients can be a breeding ground for malware and spyware, which is why you need to use them with caution. Several torrent apps have infected whole devices with malware in the past, but luckily this isn’t common these days.